Toastabags from Petticrew Distribution

Petticrew Distribution have been selling Toastabags Original in Ireland for over 8 years with a fantastic response.

If you haven’t already got one I’m sure you’ll have heard of us.
You can pick up the Toastabags Original from most exhibitions and agricultural shows Ireland wide, or of course, here on

Toastabags Original are the most reuseable and hard wearing toastabags available. There are many standards of toastabags available in stores throughout Ireland but these are the original and the best!


Check out our latest offer by watching the toastabag demonstration online right here.

Our staff look forward to assisting you with your enquiries. Let us know what we can do to answer your questions.
Thanks for your interest!.


  • Toastabags Original - €15 for pack of 2, 2 packs for €20
    a heat resistant, non- stick, reusable bag that allows you to cook lots of tasty snacks in your own domestic toaster
  • Cookasheets - €10 - non-stick, reusable liners for your cake tins, loaf tins, roasting dishes and more
  • Quickachips - €10 - Cook chips in half the time
  • Quickasteam - €6 - Turn your microwave into a steamer